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Hey, well just wanted to know your opinion around this topic, I'm pretty sensitive right now about it and would like to know also if anyone else has gone through the same.

I've almost finished my major in visual arts and I must say that during the past four years I've worked really hard to understand how is it that art work, believing that doing so would let me do whatever I like without feeling bad about it.

The thing is before that, I started my major in graphic design with a great liking to videogames, anime and manga, somehow I stopped looking and playing videogames during that period of time but still was into drawing those type of things, then I decided to change into visual arts because I thought it would be more focused in drawing and so on and since I really just wanted to make my way into being able to make drawing as a living I switched after 2 years in my graphic design major to a visual arts major.

But I wasn't that aware of all art history at all, I just knew I wanted to be like Rembrandt and Rafael maybe, be able to do cool things like them and during that time I was told that what I do is no art, and what those guys did was art in the past, but someone doing it in the present are just no artists, it took me a lot to understand why wouldn't that be "art" and many explanations from several people came to my ears, now I understand that what I searched for was maybe "just" technical ability, or so that's what people involved in "Art" would say, so I tried to look really hard into contemporary works, understand a bit of what's happening now, but just can't find myself more entusiastic to see those works and still tend to feel more captivated by "low" art, what I understand will now be "popular" art I guess.

There seems to be no word in popular culture to distinguish between the painting that our grandma does because of fun and the work that Julie Mehretu (guess I wrote it right) does, they both are called "art" in popular culture.

And I tried to see things through another country's eyes, I'm studying abroad right now and seems like things are just the same here, so I'm really starting to feel that I've lost almost six years of my life going on the wrong path.

Now that I have absorbed part of the studies done around art because of my major, making simple illustrations just doesn't feel "right" at times, and on the other hand pursuing the making of "Art" (with capital "A") doesn't feel "right" either, I feel as if I where standing on thin air and that maybe I've only made people waste time on me because of my stubborness to draw.

Hope that all what I wrote makes sense at all and that you can give me some opinions about it since I sincerely feel pretty lost and even have lost motivation to draw, also if anyone has gone through this before and reads this thread just let me know how you overcame this situation.

Thanks for your time.
Ness corriendo by Nheblue
Ness corriendo

I decided to finish this drawing since some people really liked it :) I just wanted to draw some stars so here it is.


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thanks for the watch, I like your ID drawing
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