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006 by Nheblue
Another study of a Rembrandt's painting, it was pretty difficult to me to make this one in such a short time, and the results weren't that good after all xD but anyways!.

Rembrant divides many of his paintings in four, even this one is calculated to be like that, it's very impressive how it isn't that easy to see the grid he was based into, as always, light is everything in his paintings, and as I've seen in the few works I've studied of him that almost always the the main character is in the center of the painting, which makes it a little ovbious but not everyone is as skilled as him as to make all the parts in the work to be harmonic and have a real purpose in the final impact of the work.

As the objects take distance in this painting (although it's not that great the deepth in this painting), some of the objects become flatter, they have less dark and light tones so they don't take unnecessary attention.

So... that's it, another Photoshop sketch of 30 minutes : )
005 by Nheblue
Made in Photoshop in about 30 minutes.

Another study from Rembrandt D: it took me a lot to make it but it't already done, I've found how he makes the light cover all the scene in this piece, and how it is focused in the center, the kid isn't as important as the woman that who's shadow is projected on the wall, many parts of this painting are a bit confusing, but isn't that important the lack of detail in the piece.
004 by Nheblue
I think I made her head too big X.x

Well this is another study from Rembrandt, I've learned how he uses light outside the objects to make them appear brighter, also how he makes folding with just some little traces with the brush, textures are given here and there to  give the aspect of old and other objects are only shown as some really unclear forms in the space, everything only to give the biggest attention to the girl in the center who not only because of the human face takes a lot of attention, but because of the lights given to see her, it really doesn't bother the eye that half of her body is not there and that in that particular part the painting looks a little plane, I just noticed when I was drawing that it was a barrel she was leaning on.

Again, another drawing in Photoshop for about 30 minutes.

:) I've learned to use some new brushes a bit in this one.
003 by Nheblue
Another study from Rembrandt, I didn't notice the other character in the painting until I was drawing that zone.

Made in Photoshop in about 30 minutes.
Well, I've seen how Rembrandt uses lights to give the main character in the painting, also how he works from dark to light in this piece is really interesting and how he gives details with only some lines in this work.
There is no great given detail in any part of the painting, but it's pretty obvious for the spectator to see the forms in it. The wood is more detailed than the two people in it and even so the main object is distinguished easily, that states that the main object isn't necessarily the most detailed one and that there are more things than just detail for making a hierarchy in the works.

I really like this piece from him, but still need to learn a lot to make something nice in 30 minutes. .___.
002 by Nheblue
Learning more from Rembrandt, this was made in about 35 minutes in Photoshop.

The hair is pretty difficult to make! I've noticed how Rembrandt still makes a lot of contrast to make the objects he wants to come to the front part of the image, also the light gives in the parts that talk more about the expression of the character and talks about how unnecessary is to give great detail to the faces even if we are talking about a portrait, he is not as interested in the eyes of the character as he is about his hair and lips. Great contrast gives space in this piece so the final impression of it is really great, it's not only about the character's face (in this case, the artist's face) but also about the background and specially the light that gets to him.


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thanks for the watch, I like your ID drawing
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